united states Marines
Once A Marine Always A Marine

Only one out of a thousand steps forward to the call
To put on a military uniform and help carry the ball
To agree if called to step in harm’s way
To confirm that their life a price they willingly pay
Rather a private or a rank in between
With a role for all in front or behind the scenes
Some face danger fro the day of their tour
While others find duties away from death’s door
Some enter through academies at officer grade
Some through boot camp where Marines are made
But all made decisions to volunteer
Rather they stand at the front or pull up the rear
Men, women dedicating time and skills serving God and Country
under their own will.
Protecting America against enemy aggression
Doing it without “fanfare for the volunteer” serving their profession
A volunteer is a treasure no matter what the call, but when it’s a veteran one stands especially tall.