BLACK HISTORICAL CONTRIBUTIONS TO AMERICA without which  the United States of America may not exist. Uriah the Hittite was called to serve King David the people of Israel at a time of great need, and preformed valuently. listed forever in bible history. Others have performed extraordinarily (Martin L King, Sojourner Truth and Booker T Washington). We come Back to the central point: that one person can make a difference.

The United States is at a critical stage in Our History;

  • Peacetime debt has never before been so out of control and has to over $17 trillion
  • unprincipled politicians are luring voters with promises of more benefits to a already increasing government bureaucracy
  • the Constitution is being violated;
  • Once thought to be religious freedoms are no more
  • the rights of our citizens are slowly eroding.
  • Terrorist have threatened to drink the blood off our children as immigrants are flooding into America everyday causing havoc and are being supported by our government.

In this issue we will begin a series of tributes to those who have made Black History contributions to America. Those that might have continue to go unrecognized but, had the right stuff and could not be denied.

Frank E. Petersen, First Black General

in The United States Marine Corps.

Marine General Frank Petersen

In the 1950’s Frank E. Petersen., enlisted and right away endured humiliation as a lieutenant in the navy, was arrested at an officers club for impersonating an Officer but went on to become the first black aviator and the first general in the Marine Corps.
Grew up in Topeka Kansas, son of a sugar-cane plantation worker from St. Croix, the Virgin Islands. Told to take over his entrance exam by a recruiter , suspected of cheating. ejected from a public bus after refusing to sit in the back with the other blacks in the back.
After President Truman desegregated the arm forces in 1950, he enlisted in the Navy. The marine Corps begun admitting blacks during World War II but only laborers and stewards. By 1952, already a Marine was commissioned as a second lieutenants the first black aviator.

He flew 350 combat missions during two tours, Korea and Vietnam. After his Phantom  Fighter was shot down in 1968. He was the first to command a   fighter squadron, (the black Knights), an air group and a major base.

Is now recognized  for his Black historical contributions to America.

“Our Heavenly Father and Supreme, Commandant, be thou with use until our tour of duty ends here on this earth receive us unto Thyself. Amen  attributed to MCL

Attribution: Aversion of this article appears in print on August 27,2015 of the New York Times. Headline: Frank Petersen dies at 83; Marines Black Trailblazer.